The New Republic, January 30th 2024. "How Lucy Sante Wrote a Revelatory Memoir.Read article.

Le Devoir, September 9th 2022. "Montreal's Queer Community unites trough a new Soccer League." 

Expats magazine, Oct. 2021, "Transforming waste into gold" (cover and double-page spread)

First issue featuring Naomi Fagla-Medegan, founder and director of Gbobètô, a franco-beninese association leveraging waste management into local and fair employment opportunities. Read magazine

August 21st, 2023. "Summer is here", The Eye of Photography Magazine. Read article, April 2023. "Impeachment of Donald Trump: Politically weakening him is something else."  Read article, June 16th 2022. "The walls of Montreal covered in art for the Mural festival's 10th edition. (AFP assignment)  Read article, June 15th 2022. "Quebec : teens at the rescue of a labor shortage." (AFP assignment)  Read article, June 16th 2022. "Quebec : teens at the rescue of labor shortage." (AFP assignment)  Read article, April 9th 2022. "2022 Presidential election: te French people of North America have started visiting, long wait in Montreal."  Read article, Fev. 23d 2022. "'Freedom Convoy' in Canada : deputies approve an Emergencies Act to put a stop to the protests." Read article, Janv. 22nd 2022. "Global warming: can legal actions make polluting states bend?" Read article, Sept. 19th 2021. "The mediator's appointment. The editorial treatment of 9/11 on Franceinfo and news coverage in Afghanistan."  Read article, June 19th 2022. "The optician putting eyesight before profit."  Read article, June 18th 2022, "Street art in Montreal is writ large." (AFP assignment)  Read article

AGI, February 13th 2022, "Canadian police are clearing bridge blocked by 'freedom convoy'" (Edit : the  image does not represent the bridge blockade but a protest in support of the freedom convoy in Montreal)  Read article, Nov. 11 2021, "We are still far from avoiding a climate catastrophe."  Read article

Bird in Flight, Sept. 2 2021, "Honoring the Ancestors: The Voodoo Cult in Modern Benin."  Read article

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